Mahatma Gandhi scholarship is the first scholarship that Nepalese students get from Indian Government. The Mahatma Gandhi Scholarship is awarded to 2000 Nepalese students on the basis of there SEE result and there family income. The Mahatma Gandhi Scholarship  has priority for Girls dalits .

Mahatma Gandhi Scholarship is awarded to students which helps them financially . Mahatma Gandhi Scholarship  gives NRS: 2000 to each selected students .

Mahatma Gandhi Scholarship is applied on the students who have admitted to grade 11 and continued to grade 12.

Mahatma Gandhi Scholarship gives student a joy as each month they get NRS: 2000 which helps  them .

Mahatma Gandhi Scholarship  can be applied only when you have passed SEE i.e grade 10 and admitted to any of the colleges of Nepal for grade.

Below are the list of things you need to apply for the Mahatma Gandhi Scholarship .

1. You need to pass the SEE exam with good marks and need a copy of your mark sheet to apply Mahatma Gandhi Scholarship .

2. You need to present your family income which should not be more than 2lakhs per year .

3. You need your citizenship if not then you need to submit your dad or mom citizenship with the form of Mahatma Gandhi Scholarship.

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